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Computer Department

Copy.com offers both self-serve and full-serve computer services.


We have self-serve computers available for customers use. Self-serve digital output is for those who are comfortable with computers and want to see their proofs instantly. For self-serve digital output, we offer both PC and Mac workstations. These workstations are equipped with zip drives, cd burners, scanners, and a full array of software. These workstations can print directly to our color and black & white printers, allowing customers to send their own files directly to our high volume printers. In most cases, customers can see a proof within 15 minutes of sending a file. In addition, there are dedicated computers available for checking your email or surfing the internet, as well as wi-fi and Ethernet cables available for laptops.


Oversize printing is available as a full service option.   Our computer department offers both digital output and graphic design. Full-serve digital output is for those who want Copy.com to print their files. If you don't have the time or if you need technical assistance, we can help you complete your printing project. We can also work directly with your designer. Proofs are generally ready within 24 hours. Let us know if you have special requirements. Rush services are available.  


Copy.com also has a complete graphic design and typesetting department. We can design flyers, invitations, post cards, newsletters, directories, menus, posters, advertisements, or anything else you can imagine. With fast turnarounds and reasonable prices, it may just be the best design value around.


Self Serve


Graphic Station Rental
(5 minute increments)
Internet Bar Surfing
(5 minute increments)


8½×11   28lb. Photowhite Paper 1st 15 prints 30¢ ea.
8½×11   28lb. Photowhite Paper each additional 15¢ ea.
11×17   28lb. Photowhite Paper 1st 15 prints 60¢ ea.
11×17   28lb. Photowhite Paper each additional 30¢ ea.


Proofs available while you wait.
Computer Rental $12 per hour/5 minute increments
Files printed to the Docutech (volume printing)
Prints are regular B & W prices
$5.00 per file
Files printed to color printers
(Must pay for ALL prints @ regular color prices)
No file fee


Blank 3½” disk 99¢
Blank CD-R $2.99
Blank DVD-R $5.99
All Department Pricing


Proofs usually available within 24 hours
Basic Output - Ready to Print $5.00
Standard Output - Includes use of our templates $10.00
Advanced Output
$90.00 per hour
$15.00 minimum


Typesetting, Graphic Design $90.00 per hour
Burn finished job to a CD $5.00
Scan - Greyscale/B+W or Color up to 8½×11” $10.00
Scan - Greyscale/B+W or Color up to 11×17”
or B+W up to 24×36”
Email a file to one address $5 per file
Burn a Data CD*
*CD-R included. Up to 700MB per CD. Transferring data from more than 5 pieces of media will be priced at the file handling rate ($90 per hour).
Additional copies @ $5.00 each.
Burn a Data DVD*
*DVD-R included. Up to 4.2GB per DVD. Transferring data from more than 5 pieces of media will be priced at the file handling rate ($90 per hour).
No copy protected content.
Additional copies @ $10.00 each.
This is a partial list of the services we provide. We also offer Labels, Announcements, Stamps, Offset Business Cards, Letterheads, and more. Please consult with one of our digital specialists about your project.
All Department Pricing
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